SmartKeeper PC Lock ( Combination )

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C Lock (Combination) : 

The Smart Keeper PC Lock is an anti-theft lock for desktop computers that uses the existing panel screw to secure the device. How to use the Smart Keeper PC Lock:

  • Remove the screw on desktop panel to attach PC Lock and reinsert screw.
  • Place PC Lock on top of screw hole.
  • Reinsert Screw with PC Lock in place.
  • Lock your PC Lock with either key or combination.
  • For additional security, use the included cable to tether your hardware to a surrounding fixture.
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Specification :

Color - None

Dimensions - W 19.3 x H 50.1 x L 54.3 mm (0.76 x 1.97 x 2.14 in)

Weight - 91 g (3.21 oz)

Application port


Physical security product that prevents theft of PC and unauthorized opening of side panel of Desktop by attaching the product into the Desktop with existing screw and tie up with fixture such as table or desk No need to manage the key due to combination type of password.

( No Refund & Replacement )