Pre Cut Thermal Pads for GPU's

Precise Dimensions | Full Coverage | Color Coded | Front / Back Separated | All Necessary Tools, Accessories included

Models get added on Daily Basis, If you need them urgent, please send your Model Numbers to 9021006908

We have ready stock of Pre-Cut Thermal Pads for the following GPUs

Nvidia (3070 / 3070TI / 3080 / 3080TI / 3090)
Asus TUF (3070TI / 3080 / 3080TI / 3090)
Asus STRIX (3080 / 3080TI / 3090)
Gigabyte Gaming / Vision / Eagle (3080 / 3080TI / 3090)
Gigabyte Aorus (3080 / 3080TI / 3090)
Msi (3080 / 3080TI /3090)
Zotac Holo (3080 / 3080TI)
Inno3D 3080 / 3090 ICHILL x4

We select various thickness, dimensions and cut these Thermal Pads after collecting the data and analysing the data from various sources like Reddit,, YouTube, etc. Since the data is not officially released by any graphic card companies, its very difficult to say these are the accurate sizes. We tried to be as much as accurate. If you find the thickness or dimensions would have be different, please let us know, we would like to listen and update our data. 

NOTE: We don't give any guarantee of any kind regarding the performance of pre-cut thermal pads, for any application. Only the mentioned thermal conductivity is guaranteed as a minimum value.