Smart Keeper LAN Cable Locks2 with Key

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Product Description : 

  • The Smart Keeper LAN Cable Locks with Key is a physical cybersecurity device that locks an Ethernet cable into its port.
  • Comes with five locks and one key
  • Easy to Use: It can be installed by hand.
  • Various Patterns: Multiple color patterns are available.
  • All-Purpose Key: A common key can be used to unlock 10 different products within the Essential Series.
    • USB Cable Lock
    • keyboard / mouse Lock
    • Lockable Flash Drive
    • Smart Data Blocker
    • RJ45 Port Lock
    • LAN Cable Lock
    • Network Module Lock ( 4P | 8P | 12P)
    • Serial, DVI, Parallel Port Lock
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Product Policy : No Refund & Replacement