SFP X2 Dust Caps Suitable Duplex SC Fiber Optic Module Dual Silicone

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GBIC X2 XENPAK Dust Caps, Be Suitable For Duplex SC GBIC X2 XENPAK Optical Module 

Size : SC

Fiber Type : Single Mode

Feature : Duplex

Application : Duplex SC GBIC X2 XENPAK Optical Module

Commercial Temperature Range : -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)

Fiber optic dust caps play an important role in fiber system by protecting fiber optic connectors, adapters, transceiver optical interface and other ports from external contaminates and damage that can cause serious network slowdown or crashes. In general, dust caps are suggested on any fiber optic connector or interface that is not actively in use.

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