SFP SFP+ SFP28 Dust Cover Anti-Dust Fiber Optic Caps - Black Silicone

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SFP SFP+ SFP28 Dust Cover Anti-Dust Fiber Optic Caps Transceiver Plugs Protector for LC Duplex Port - Black Silicone

About this item : 

  • 【Widely Used】SFP SFP+ SFP28 dust covers are specifically designed to fit the standard transceivers LC Duplex Ports for networking equipment such as ethernet switches and routeres, network interface card and other digital products.
  • 【PACKAGE】SFP SFP+ SFP2 LC Dust Covers,Black Silicone. Which are made of Black Silicone TPE rubber soft and flexible durable material.
  • 【Easy to Install】It fits for LC Simplex / Duplex Port Tranceivers. which is designed to precisely and standardly fit for an SFP SFP+ LC Duplex Port.It's easy to install and remove without disrupting the Networks devices.
  • 【Why to USE】Protecting SFP SFP+ SFP28 Transceivers from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Keeping Transceivers clean by using the dust cover when an SFP module is not in use. Preventing potential damage or disruptions caused by dust and debris. Network administrators can help prolong the lifespan and optimize the performance of their networking equipment.
  • Product Policy : No Refund & Replacement