Pi+® (PiPlus®) EPS CPU 8pin Female to Dual 8pin (6+2) male PCI-E pin Splitter

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EPS CPU 8pin to 2-port PCIe 8pin Dual PCI-Express 6+2pin Y Splitter Miner GPU Graphics Card Power Supply Sleeved Cable Cord 18AWG 20CM

  •  This is an EPS connector, NOT PCIE connector and will not fit into a PCIE slot and vice versa.

  • EPS 12V 8-pin Y Splitter, 9 inches long, black sleeve. Better conductivity and less heat with real copper cores

  • CONNECTORS: 1 x 8pin EPS-12V Male (connect to power supply 8 pin EPS), 2 x 8 pin PCI-E-12 Female

  • Compatibility - Compatible with 6-pin & 8-pin graphics cards from popular manufacturers such as: ASUS, ASRock, EVGA, Gigabyte, Radeon, Sapphire, NVIDIA Tesla GPU, etc. (The 8 pin (6+2) ends could be used as 6 pin or 8 pin end by sliding on/off the 2 pin.);

  • Engineered cable for High-end Skull trail platform systems. The Skull trail Platform requires dual Socket Motherboards with dual 8 pin EPS-12V power.
  • This cable is developed to expand utilization of your power supply to meet higher demand, eliminate the need to shop for advanced and expensive power supply.

  • Only Designed for GPU- This cable is only designed for graphics video cards, it does not work with motherboards. If you connect it with the motherboard, it will definitely burn or damage the motherboards and we won’t take any responsibility for wrongly using or installing


  • Item Type: 8 pin EPS Splitter cable
  • Material: Plastic + Metal. Genuine new copper cores, no recycled materials
  • Color: Black + Yellow (Sleeved)
  • The length of the product(Approx.): 9-inch (23cm).
  • Gauge: Pure18AWG - UL 1007
  • Connector A: EPS 8 pin Female
  • Connector B: Double PCI-E 8-Pin male
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Package Includes:

  •  8-Pin EPS 12V male to Double EPS 8 Pin 12V female Splitter adapter cable


1.Please check the specifications of your graphics card and PSU for power requirements when to use this cable. 

2. PCle male connector with a latch provide a safe connection to prevent accidental disconnection. Please depress the button before unplugging;

3.This cable is only designed for graphics video cards, it will not work with motherboards;

4.This cable is CPU 8-Pin to dual PCI-E 8-Pin Splitter Cable(CPU to GPU),NOT a 8-pin PCIe to 2x PCIe 8 cable (GPU to GPU), both look very similar

5. No refund or replacement for this cable.

9" 8-Pin EPS-12V Male to Dual 8-Pin EPS-12V Female Y Splitter Cable 18AWG Black Sleeves. This is an EPS connector, NOT PCIE connector and will not fit into a PCIE slot and vice versa.