Pi+® (PiPlus®) 8 Pin Male to dual 8Pin (6+2) Pin Male PCIe Power Cable for Cooler Master PSU

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About This Item:

  • PCIe 8P - Dual 8P(6+2)- PCIe 8 pin male end to plug into the power supply (Please make sure that the 8 pin port on your power supply is pcie 8 pin port , not cpu 8 pin port when to buy it.) and two 8 pin(6+2) male ends to plug into the video graphics card. (NOTE: the 8 pin end and two 8 pin(6+2) male ends cannot be used interchangeably);
  • Only designed for graphics video cards, it doesn't work with motherboards-Compatible with 6-pin & 8-pin graphics cards from popular manufacturers such as: ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, Radeon, Sapphire, NVIDIA Tesla GPU, etc. (The 8 pin (6+2) ends could be used as 6 pin or 8 pin end by sliding on/off the 2 pin.)


  • Length (including connectors): 50cm+20cm
  • Gauge: 1007-18AWG (standard tin-coating copper wire),
  • Quantity: 1pcs, Self-adhesive tape*1pcs (only designed for graphics video cards, it will not work with motherboards)
  • Wire Color: Black & Yellow
  • Wire Model: 1007 18AWG
  • Material: PVC Insulation
  • Conductor Specifications: 34*0.12TS
  • Conductor Material: Tinned Copper Wire
  • Diameter: OD2.1mm
  • Rated Temperature: 80 ℃
  • Product Interface: 8 Pin Male Connector on One End, the Other End of 2x 8(6+2) Pin Male Interface

Compatible with Cooler Master :

  • M SERIES (M2000)
  • MASTERWATT MAKER SERIES (1200 Plus / 1500 Plus)
  • MASTERWATT SERIES (450 / 550 / 650 / 750 / 450TUF / 550TUF / 650TUF / 750TUF
  • MWE GOLD SERIES (Gold 1050 / Gold 1250 )
  • V PLATINUM SERIES (V1300 / V1000 / V850)
  • V GOLD Series (V550 / V650 / V750  / V1000)
  • V SFX GOLD SERIES (V550 / V650 / V750 )
  • GX SERIES (1050 / 1250)

Compatible with Gigabyte P750GM 80Plus Gold PSU.

Compatible with Gigabyte B700H 80Plus Bronze PSU.

Compatible with Antec Neo eco modular 650w Bronze 80Plus.

Compatible with Thermaltake Tough power Grand RGB 850W Gold

 DOES NOT support : CoolerMaster v2 850w gold plus & CoolerMaster V850 SFX 80Plus

 Different PSU (Power suppliers) Companies like Corsair / Antec / EVGA / DeepCool / CoolerMaster / Silverstone have different Pinouts. Please make sure that this pinouts are the same with your devise before placing the order.

Note : This cable was only designed for the brand and model as listed. If you use other incompatible brand PSUs or types, it will definitely burn or damage the PSUs or graphics cards and we won’t take any responsibility for wrongly using or installing. Please check the compatible types or contact us ( 9021006908 ) if you are not sure if it supports your power supply.