Pi+® (PiPlus®) 4-Pin Molex to 4 x 3/4-Pin PC Case Fan Sleeved Adapter Cable

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4-Pin Molex to 4 x 3/4-Pin PC Case Fan Sleeved Adapter Cable, 3-Pin or 4-Pin (PWM Connector) to Molex Computer Cooler Cooling Fan Splitter Y Power Cable : 

[Note]: This 4-Pin Molex is the actual 2-Pin, but it can still work normally on your computer; the fan connector has no PWM speed control, and the pins are only 2 pins, and the PC fan can only rotate at a constant speed.
[Compatible with 3/4-Pin fan]: Compatible with PC fans with 3 Pin/4 Pin interfaces, but the CPU cannot perform PWM speed control on the PC Fan.
[Durable]: The black braided sleeve can protect the wires inside, making the wires not easy to break and wear; the heat shrink tube also makes the wires and connectors stronger.
[Perfect cable length]: The total length of the 4-pin Molex to PC fan connector is 30cm 12 inch, which is very suitable for fan placement.
[Stable fan operation]: Each fan connector has 12V, and the fan will run at a fixed Molex voltage of 12V.
Product description

  • 4-Pin Molex to 4 x 3 Pin / 4 Pin 12V PC Case Fan Splitter Y Power Adapter Cable
  • Please note this 4-Pin Molex is actual 2-Pin
  • Cable Length: 30cm
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
  • Wire Gauge: 22AWG
  • Insulation material: PVC insulation
  • Conductor specification: 11* 0.12ts
  • Conductor material: tinned copper
  • outer diameter of wire : od1.4mm
  • rated temperature : 80℃
  • product voltage : 12V
  • color of wire : black
  • Product interface : one end of the power supply is a large 4Pin D port connector, and the other four ends are fan 4Pin interface
  • Product functions : power the main board CPU fan with big 4Pin interface
Purpose: CPU plug (3Pin/4Pin) insufficient, or motherboard 3Pin/4Pin interface current insufficient, etc. Mainly is to extend and extend the motherboard 3Pin/4Pin interface
This wire is a 4Pin interface, actually 4 wires can be made, because the big 4Pin interface only has power supply, only 2 wires are needed, so only two wires are used.

Package includes:
1 x 4 Pin Molex to 4 x 3/4-Pin 12V PC Case Fan Power Adapter Cable