Pi+® (PiPlus®) 15Pin SATA Male to 5 x SATA Female Power Cable -18AWG

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  • High Quality: 1 to 5 SATA power splitter cable is designed to connect motherboards to 5PCS Serial SATA hard drives, HDD, SSD and DVD drives, Then safely connect with your computer through five right-angle SATA female connectors to quickly upgrade your computer storage space
  • Purpose: This is a very useful product when the SATA power interface is not enough. Upgrade your PC and add more SATA ports to get faster SATA hard drives/optical drives or devices, etc.
  • Parallel Design: The sata cable is parallel design ,neat and flat Sata cables with length 20cm+10cm+10cm+10cm+10cm can easily add this cable adapter to your computer case without covering the network and spreading making it easier to connect the hard disk SSD to the computer
  • Advantages: SATA adapter cable is formed at one time, no degumming, no burrs. Strong toughness and wear resistance. The interface is designed according to the standard, and it is easy to plug and unplug. Fast data transmission speed, good contact, no bad contact
  • Note: 1x 15pin SATA male and 5x 15pin SATA female splitters are only applicable to devices with SATA ports and are not compatible with other ports. If it is connected with other incompatible devices, it will definitely burn or damage the components. Please check the device port carefully before buying or contact us
  • Feature: When you want to add more SATA ports, Pi+ (PiPlus) 15-pin SATA 1xM to 5x FM power extension cable will help you solve all problems

Gauge: 18AWG

Connectors: 1 x 15 pin SATA male, 5 x 15 pin SATA female

Note: When plugging in the cable, make sure that the computer’s power supply has enough wattage to support additional equipment