Pi+® (PiPlus®) 1PC PC 10 Port 4 Pin Fan Hub 10-Way 4-pin IDE Fan Speed Controller

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About the product: 

  • Expand 4-pin fan interfaces, solving the problem of lack of motherboard fan interfaces. Designed for 12V 4-Pin 3-Pin fans, support simultaneous starting at most 10 channel fans.
  • In the hub interfaces, the RED CPU interface is the CPU fan dedicated interface (with speed detection function). Since the mainboard can only receive one rotation speed signal, the remaining nine conventional fan interfaces have the PWM function, but no speed signal.
  • For both 4-Pin and 3-Pin fans. Please note 4Pin fan speed can be adjusted by temperature control. 3Pin fan can also be used, but because 3Pin has no PWM function, it is at fixed speed after inserting.
  • There is EVA double-sided adhesive at the back of the hub, which can be easily affixed to a flat place. Also a fixing screw hole in the middle of the PCB to facilitate fixing to a part of the chassis.
  • RED is expected to be a pass through for the CPU fan. So, the hub has a power source fed from the computer power supply, then the speed is regulated by the speed for the "source" fan. You can connect to the CPU fan lead on the system board or the chassis fan lead. The ten fans will spin at the same speed, that designated by the system for that fan. If the chassis fan is configured in BIOS to run at 50%, you will have 10 fans at 50%.
  • Package content: 1 x 12V 10 way 4-pin ide fan governor, 1x PWM connecting cable.


  • Fan interface: IDE interface, support 3/4 pin
  • Product size: 7*4.6cm/2.7*in
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Product model: temperature control 4-pin hub
  • Scope of application: motherboard 4-pin interface
  • PWM cable length: 40cm/15.7in
  • 7.PWM is connected to the motherboard FAN CPU interface through the PWM CONNECTION cable,
  • 8. The red interface is the specific interface of the CPU fan, and the black interface is the standard PWM fan interface.
  • 9. There is a double-sided EVA adhesive on the back, which can fix the hub in the computer case.


  • 1. The red port must be plugged into a fan first. Pull one end of the PWM cable and plug it into the CPU_FAN interface on the motherboard.