Pi+™ (PiPlus™) VGA Dummy Plug

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Pi+™ (PiPlus™) VGA Dummy Plug Headless Ghost Functionally Stable Dummy Plug Conductive Performance VGA Headless RGB Display Emulator Operating System Boot and Load Resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz : 

What does Dummy Plug do?

  • It fixes a problem you probably didn't even know you had - unlocking the full potential of your graphics card hardware By simulating the presence of an attached display, display emulator allows you to use all of the power and available resolutions locked away inside your graphics hardware which might otherwise be disabled when there is no screen available.

Why do you need a VGA/ HDMI / DVI / DP / Mini DP Display Emulator?

  • HDMI/DVI/VGA/DP/Mini DP Display emulator is a small, low-cost plug that work as a high resolution display, it makes a computer run "headless" (without a keyboard, mouse, and monitor).
  • It appears as a headless ghost display emulator (dummy plug) that fits discreetly in to the video output socket
  • Once plugged, the headless PC detects a connected display thus enabling the GPU.
  • Remote desktop access to the headless PC is then available at high resolution - up to 4096x2160.
  • With the GPU enabled, it is possible to perform for various tasks including high resolution hardware accelerated remote desktop and GPGPU operations like crypto currency mining, rendering and simulations.

 Other Points :

  • 1080p@60Hz- VGA virtual display defaults to 1920*1080@60Hz
  • BITCOIN MINING- Acts as a dummy plug for use with GPU tasks such as crypto currency mining Works great with Virtual Desktop on Oculus Rift & HTC Vive (HDMI2K,4K,DVI,DP,MINIDP)HEADLESS,(HDMI ,VGA,DVI)PASS-THROUGH EDID PLEASE ENTER THE STORE TO PURCHASE
  • HEADLESS- Performs as expected and boosts resolution for remote machine buying this a much better value than spinning wheels trying to work around it trick the OS into thinking have a monitor attached to the computer
  • PLUG & PLAY- Easy PLUG & PLAY installation -VGA ghost supporting all systems, Allows for high resolution, GPU accelerated remote desktop, Plug and play, hot swapping supported, requires no drivers, configuration or power supply, Operating system and software agnostic - works with Windows, OSX, Linux and just about anything else
  • PREMIUM QUALITY-  Made from Premium Quality materials, connectors. Customer Care No: 9021006908