Pi+® (PiPlus®) Synchronous Power Board Dual PSU Multiple Power Supply Adapter

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Pi+™ (PiPlus™) Synchronous Power Board Dual PSU Multiple Power Supply Adapter add2psu with Sata ATX 24pin to Molex 4 Pin Connector

About this item

  • Small size (L*W)7*3cm/2.76"*1.18" can be installed easily anywhere. Non-heat generating solid state PC board optimizes power distribution in a cost effective manner.

  • EASY SET-UP with a 4-pin MOLEX main power connector and a 24-pin ATX connector from the new source.

  • Plug and play simplicity manages additional power for video cards, hard drives and cooling fans.

  • HOW TO: 1 - Plug in your Primary PSU's molex connector into the corresponding plug 2 - Plug in your Secondary PSU's 24-pin connector into the other plug 3 - Whenever you turn on your computer (and power on your Primary PSU) this thing will automatically turn on your secondary PSU, letting that power whatever is plugged in to it


1. Dual power supply synchronous starting cable. It can startup or shutdown two low power supply synchronously to increase power supply.
2. No cutting wires or soldering, no compromising the integrity or function of your pc.
3. This card can make two power at the same time switch machine, the graphics card power distribution to the two power on behalf of the use of high-power power supply.
4. Suitable for your Bitcoin, Litecoin Mining machines.
5. Durable PCB, long life to use, provide much convenience to your daily life.