Pi+® (PiPlus®) 6Pin (Female) to 2(6+2) Pin (Male) PCIe Power Cable

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This 6pin female to dual 8pin male GPU power cord is used to extend the power interface on the graphics card. Insert the 6-pin female plug into the power supply and the 8-pin male plug into the video graphics card. It provides a convenient solution for you to add a new graphics card to the existing power supply.

The dual 8-pin male header is a detachable 6+2 design, which can be detached into two 6-pin male headers. Perfectly adapt to video card with 6pin interface or 8pin interface


  • When using this cable, please check the specifications of the graphics card and PSU to understand the power requirements.
  • The PCle male connector with pin can provide a safe connection to prevent accidental disconnection. Please press the button before unplugging;
  • This cable is only used for graphics and video cards, not for motherboards;
  • Does not work with MAC PRO
  • Does not fit directly into power supply, only an adapter


  • Cable length: 7.87 inch (20cm)
  • Connector: 1*6pin PCIe female; 2*8pin (6+2) PCIe male
  • Wire gauge: 18AWG (standard tinned copper wire)
  • Weight: 24g 


PCIe 6pin female to dual 2x 8pin (6+2) male cable