Pi+® (PiPlus®) 8 Pin Male to Dual 8 Pin (6+2) Male PCI Express Power Adapter Cable for EVGA PSU

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About this item: 

  • 【PCIe POWER CABLE 】PCIe 8 Pin Male to Dual PCIe 2x 8 Pin (6+2) Male Power Cable Compatible with EVGA Modular Power Supply.

  • 【COMPATIBLILITY of PSU】 Compatible with Silverstone : EVGA 750GQ/850GQ/1000GQ 1600T2/1000T2/850T2/750T2 1600P2/1200P2/1000P2/850P2/750P2/650P2 1600G2/1300G2/1000G2/850G2/750G2/650G2/550G2 1000G3/850G3/750G3/650G3/550G3 650G/750G 650GS/550GS modular power supply. (Not compatible with 1000PS/850GS/1050GS).

  • Compatible With ANTEC HC PRO PLATINUM 1300W 80PLUS
  • Compatible with Antec HSC 850W 80 Plus Gold
  • COMPATIBLILITY of GPU: Compatible with 6-pin & 8-pin graphics cards. (8 pin (6+2) ends can be used as 6 pin or 8 pin end by sliding on/off the 2 pin). Such as: GTX1080, GTX1080Ti, RTX2060, RTX2070, RTX2080, RTX2080Ti, RTX3060, RTX3070, RTX3080, RTX3090, RX570, RX580, RX590, RX5700 XT, RX6700 XT, RX6800 XT, RX6900 XT.

  • 【SPECIFICATION】 Length: 50cm+20cm, Gauge: 1007-18AWG, Quantity: 1pcs.

  • 【INSTRUCTIONS】1. Please Read the description and check if your modular power supply is in the compatibility list above. Not compatible with other brands of modular power supplies. 2. Please insert the PCIe 8 pin single male interface into the PSU. 3. Please insert the dual 8 (6+2) Pin PCIE interface into the GRAPHICS CARD.

Different PSU (Power suppliers) Companies like Corsair / Antec / EVGA / DeepCool / CoolerMaster / Silverstone have different Pinouts. Please make sure that this pinouts are the same with your devise before placing the order.

Note : This cable was only designed for the brand and model as listed. If you use other incompatible brand PSUs or types, it will definitely burn or damage the PSUs or graphics cards and we won’t take any responsibility for wrongly using or installing. Please check the compatible types or contact us ( 9021006908 ) if you are not sure if it supports your power supply.