Pi+®(PiPlus®)12 Ports Power Supply Breakout Board Adapter For DPS-1200FB 750/1200W Mining PSU

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Power Supply Converter Board 12 ports 6Pin
  • Material:2OZ Copper PCB
  • Support Up to 1400W PSU
  • 12 of 6 Pin PCI-E output
  • 2OZ PCB,1400W PSU Supported with 12 ports output, work with a lot of server PSU and automatic recognized PSU's type and make it power.
  • With sync start-up function , the board can get the power-on signal from ATX - PSU's
  • floppy power sync power ON/OFF with ATX MAIN PSU.
Red switch function
  • Turn it to ON only if you using LITEON PS-2112-2M.
  • MAIN power switch ; turn on to power on the SERVER PSU, turn off is sync start mode
  • SERVER PSU will work only the floppy get the power.
Package include:
  • 1 x Power Supply Converter Board 12 ports 6Pin

Supported "Common Slot" Power Supply Models:

  • DPS-1200FB A
  • DPS-1200QB A
  • PS-2751-5Q
  • PS-2751-LF-1F
  • HSTSN-PL12
  • DPS-700LB D
  • PS-2112-5L
  • DPS-750RB A
  • DELL DPS-1200MB
  • DPS-800GB A