Pi+® (PiPlus®) Thermal Silicone Pad-G2-400x200mm-1w/mk

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① High thermal conductivity:  Thermal pad can be selected in the range of 1-15

② Low volatility: small molecules can be controlled within 150ppm, suitable for precision components with high requirements.

③ Low hardness: hardness range can be selected within shoer00 10-80 degrees

④ Easy compression: low installation compression stress, using different application scenarios

1w/mk thermal pads are made of silicone resin as the base material and filled with thermal conductive particles. The main purpose of the thermal pad is to reduce the contact thermal resistance generated between the surface of the heat source and the contact surface of the heat sink parts. Filling the gap of the contact surface, the air contact surface, air is a poor conductor of heat, which can seriously impede the transfer of heat at the contact surface. With the supplement of heat-conducting silica gel gasket, it can be better and full contact, truly face-to-face contact, the response in temperature can reach the smallest possible temperature difference.

Item Nominal Test -1  Test -2 Test -3
32* 31*
Breakdown Voltage
9.92 9.97 9.97
UL Flammability
Thermal Conductivity
0.98 0.92 0.97