Pi+® (PiPlus®) Thermal Silicone Pad-G2-400x200mm-3w/mk

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Feature : 
  • Excellent Thermal Pad for Heat Dissipation: the thermal pad greatly improve the heat transfer between the electronic elements and effectively cool the temperature down, improve the heat transfer between the CPU /GPU/SSD/IC/LED/ chipset / motherboard / module and the heat sink.
  • Durable, insulating and non-conductive. Non-corrosive, non-curing and non-toxic. Upgraded thermal silica gel material with 3W/mK thermal conductivity.
  • Easy to use, no need to apply silicone grease, just tear off the protective film on both sides to use.
  • Widely applications: The Thermal Pad is Perfectly traditional for heatsink, great for Control board, motor, electronics, CPU, GPU, Heat Sink, Power LED, auto mechanics, computer host, laptop, DVD, VCD, LID, Set-top box, LED IC SMD DIP and any cooling modules.
  • Package include : 1 pcs 400mm*200mm..... thermal pad
Item Nominal Test -1  Test -2 Test -3
41* 41*
Breakdown Voltage
5.46 5.46 5.32
UL Flammability
Thermal Conductivity
2.96 2.96 2.96