Pi+® (PiPlus®) Thermal Silicone Pad 100mm x 100mm - 12w/mk

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Product Details:

  • Good Heat Dissipation : Upgraded thermal silica gel material with 12 W/mK thermal conductivity, our thermal pad greatly improve CPU / GPU/chipset / LED/ ic module and the heat sink Heat transfer between electronic components, and effectively cool the temperature down in seconds. Perfect To Filled Contact Surfaces Gap, effectively improve the heat transfer efficiency, and also serve as insulation, shock absorption and sealing Equal effect.
  • Widely Used : Perfectly replaces traditional heatsink compound grease paste, great for Control board, motor, electronics, CPU, GPU, Heat Sink, Power LED, 3d printer auto, mechanics, computer host, laptop, DVD, VCD, LID, Set-top box, LED IC SMD DIP and any cooling modules
  • Good Cooling, Insulation, Thermal Conductivity, Wear Resistant, Non Conductive, Antistatic, Fire Retardant, Heat Resistance, High Temperature Resistance, Compression, Buffering, Etc.
  • Super Reliable Durable: In -40 ℃ -200 ℃ Range Does Not Melt, Good Stability, No Toxic, Odorless, No Corrosion, No Stimulation, No Damage To Metal Materials. It Can Be Arbitrarily Cut Size, Easy To Install, Replaces Traditional Heatsink Compound Grease Paste.
  • Thermal Silicone Pad Has A Thermal Conductivity Of 12 W/mk, Dimension 100x100mm, the thermal pads can be cut freely according to your needs, ​perfect to filled contact surfaces gap.
Item Nominal Test -1  Test -2 Test -3
Shore0065 +_ 10
64* 65*
Breakdown Voltage
6.15 6.22 6.15
UL Flammability
Thermal Conductivity
11.87 11.82 11.92