Pi+®(PiPlus®) RJ45 Jack Dust Cover

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Product Details : 
  • PROTECT YOUR NETWORK DEVICES : These RJ45 dust covers can be installed in any standard RJ45/LAN slot to keep the open ports on your switches, routers, NICs and media converters free from dust and debris.
  • AVOID NETWORK PROBLEMS CAUSED BY DUST : RJ45 dust covers prevent network errors and potential downtime caused by dust and debris in open slots.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE : These RJ45 port protectors are made to fit RJ45 ports using precision molds and are easy to insert and remove without damaging adjacent ports or cables.
  • Stable and Reliable : Precision grinding tool with tight fit to keep the port clean and avoid electrocution events as well as signal instability.
  • INSULATION AND PROTECTION FOR COMPUTER INTERFACES : RJ45 network port dust plug protects the port from dust and moisture, preventing corrosion and oxidation that can lead to short circuits. Effectively reduces static electricity in electronics and prevents network errors and potential downtime caused by dust and debris in open slots.
  • RJ45 Port Dust Plug Size : 0.39*0.51*0.25inch . Perfectly protects sensitive RJ45 female jacks ports from dust and liquid splashes, prevents oxidation and rusting.
  • Application : RJ45 cover fits all Ethernet ports RJ45, protects RJ45 female jacks from dust and oxygen
  • MATERIAL : These RJ45 port dust plugs are made of PE material. Rugged and reusable, dust and moisture resistant, water and oxidation resistant, high temperature resistant, professionally designed to fit snugly and keep the ports clean and durable
Product Policy : No Refund & Replacement