Pi+® (PiPlus®) DVI to VGA Male to Female Adapter

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About this item : 

  • It is suitable for connection between desktop computers, notebooks, high-definition players, etc. with DVI (24+1) pin interface and display devices with VGA interface

  • The DVI interface and VGA interface are reinforced with gold-plated layer, which enhances the contact of the device, avoids rust, and is durable

  • Double-layer aluminum foil + textile mesh + bottom thread + PVC multiple protection, effectively isolates electromagnetic interference such as EMI and RFI, reduces signal loss, and protects clear video transmission

  • Support 1920*1080P HD resolution, the video is clearer

  • High-performance digital conversion chip, can directly connect DVI signal to VGA display, multiple performance tests, environmental protection technology, plug and play.