Pi+® (PiPlus®) 40W/m.k 3D Graphite Thermal Pad

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Pi+® (PiPlus®) 40W/m.k 3D Graphite Thermal Pad 3090/3080 Memory Thermal Grease Pad Integrated Circuit GDDR 6X VRAM Graphene Cooling

Product parameters:

Product name: 3D Graphite Thermal Pad

Material: Graphite

Color: Gray

Hardness(Shore 0) : 80

Thermal conductivity: 40W/mk

Thickness: 2.2/2.6mm

Size : 14*12mm

Cool down your GDDR6X VRAM by 25℃


【Outstanding thermal performance】This thermal pad features a thermal conductivity of 40W/mk , thickness:1.2/1.7/2.2/2.6(mm), size:14*12mm.

【Easy&convenient to use】 Pre-cut to fit GDDR6X memory, all you need to do is pick and place.

【Super reliable and durable】 Durable‘concertina-like’ graphite structure combined with silicone free coating, There will be no pump out or bake issue.

【Prevent short circuit】First one carbon based thermal pad on market with extra protection from short circus via PCM coating.

【Suitable for users】Perfect fit for mining and overclocking user.

Other notes:

1. About appearance

There are black burning marks on the edge of the thermal pad, which is a normal phenomenon of the laser cutting process and does not affect the use. Manually applying phase change paste on the side will also have a slight edge irregularity, which has no effect on performance.

2. Scope of application

In the personal DIY field, it is recommended to use a graphics card with GDDR6X high-power video memory.

3. How to use:

The product specification is 12*14mm after cutting, which is the same size as the GDDR6X video memory. It can be placed directly on the video memory, and the operation is simple.


For example, the thickness of the graphite thermal pad is 2 mm, and it cannot be used where the radiator gap is not 2 mm. Do not over-compress, do not knead, and handle with care. If the graphics card has empty welding positions for video memory (for example, 3080 has 2 empty welding positions), this thermal pad cannot be installed.