Pi+® (PiPlus®) 1080p Display Port Male to HDMI Male 1.8 Meter Cable

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Pi+® (PiPlus®) 1080p Display Port Male to HDMI Male / DP to HDMI / DP 2 HDMI Cable (Black) Converter / Adapter for PCs to HDTV, Monitor, Projector with HDMI Port

Products Description


1. The DisplayPort - HDMI patch cord can be connected to the DisplayPort port and HDMI port.

2, advanced circuit design, can work normally without external power supply.

3, without the adapter / adapter can realize the conversion of DisplayPort signal and HDMI signal, easy to connect and use.

4, support HDMI 1.3B version, DisplayPort1.2 version and plug and play.

5, using NXP solution, support transmission 1080P plus TrueHD, DTSHD next generation audio track.

Product Usage:

This patch cord can convert the graphics card signal of Displayport (DP) interface into HDMI high-definition signal; the device for DisplayPort (DP) interface is connected with the display device with HDMI interface.