Pi+® (PiPlus®) Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner

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Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner,Fiber Optic Cleaning for 1.25mm/2.5mm,SC,FC,ST,MU,LC, Fiber Optic Cleaning Box Cleans Over 500 Times

About this item : 

  • 【Outstanding advantages】 Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner uses high-density textile fiber, which does not remove hair and does not have static electricity. The cleaning belt is woven using high-density textile fibers without the addition of alcohol. The cleaner is convenient for indoor and outdoor work. Replaceable cleaning cores are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • 【Why need this item?】 Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner is one of the most cost-effective high-end cleaning solutions. The washed ultra-clean microfiber cloth traps debris and other contaminants, and its fabric is strong enough to wear or leave any fibrous material behind. Replaceable reels are easy to install and reduce cost per cleaning.
  • 【Wide application】  Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner is suitable for a variety of optical fiber plugs, such as FC/SC/LC/ST/MU/D4/DIN and other ferrule end faces can be used. It is simple to operate, and only a swipe on the cleaning belt can remove adhesion from the end face of the fiber optic connector mortise when using.
  • 【Powerful functions】 Compared with similar products, Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner is easy and convenient to replace the cleaning core, humanized design, saving time and effort. Our products only need to manually and lightly screw 1 screw to replace the core, other products need to use a screwdriver to turn 4 screws to replace the core.
  • 【Premium materials】 Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner is made of alcohol-free special microfibers and high-grade plastics. The cleaning belt is made of high-density textile fibers, and the cleaning effect is fast and effective, with up to 500 cleanings. It can be operated manually and has a lightweight design with replaceable cores.