Pi+®(PiPlus®) 3x8pin PCIe to 16pin 12VHPWR Cable 90 Degree Elbow Applicable to GPU RTX4090 4080 (TypeA&B)

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3x8Pin to 16Pin graphics card power supply 8pin adapter line PCIE 5.0 line RTX4090 RTX4080 12VHPWR to 4x8pin 12VHPWR to 3x8pin 90-degree elbow



Straight head and two kinds of elbow direction, according to your needs. (Refer to different directions of SKU suffix M-A-B)

The 8P female head is connected to the power supply, and the solid needle base is used to replace the terminal wiring commonly used in the market, which can support higher load, thus ensuring the stable branch of the graphics card. The 16P (12+4) connector is a 90-degree elbow, which can avoid the problems such as short circuit and harmony caused by the original straight head strong twist bend

The appearance is wrapped with snakeskin net, beautiful and fashionable. Also improve quality.

Product length: 15cm line

Wire specification: 16AWG supporting 600W